Thursday, November 27, 2014


The following letter was received from Karin Sharp SLGA. If you are interested in volunteering please complete the Volunteer Registration form, which can be found in the Pages on the RH side of the blog, and return to Karin:

As part of an internal review of the 2014 playing season we have taken a decision to review our processes around SLGA Events next year and would like your assistance in building a database of local volunteers. As you will be acutely aware from your own competitions and operations of your County Association there is a huge reliance on the goodwill of a volunteer base and at SLGA we have perhaps not been as smart about this as we could have been and this is something that we are looking to address.

At our major events eg Scottish Championships which operates over a number of days, it is often a challenge for the host club to provide sufficient volunteers to staff all aspects of the tournament. Our thought is to supplement that by building a database of volunteers that we could contact depending on location of the championship and make better use of the abundance of skills that we know are out there at County & Club level. How we would see this working in practise might be as follows:
Scottish Championship at Monifieth in May 2015 – club would probably provide some volunteers to assist, we would contact local volunteers from the Angus area in the first instance and then look at neighbouring County volunteers (where travel distance was minimal) to see if we can fulfil all required duties, which might include registration, recording, live scoring, ball spotting etc.  In 2015 some of our major tournaments are being played in Angus, Ayrshire, Dumfriesshire, Perth & Kinross, Stirling & Clacks a number of which are fairly central venues!

As outlined, what we wish to do over the next couple of months is to build a volunteer database, primarily for assistance at the various tournaments that we run but would not limit interest to that if individuals have other skills that we could utilise and your help in spreading the word would be much appreciated. I am keen to stress that we are not looking to take any volunteers away from the County Associations but what we are looking to establish is a list of lady golfers who might be interested in volunteering at one of our events if it is taking place in their local area for a day or part of a day.

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