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The North Division Inter-County Jamboree takes place 11th- 13th June at Edzell. That's next weekend folks.  We would be very grateful for caddies and supporters to help encourage our team particulary for the singles matches. Caddies are not expected to do anything other than push a trolley and provide moral support. Volunteers welcome.

Our team is Laura Campbell & Isla Moncrieff, Pitlochry: Shonagh Raitt, Crieff: Emily Ogilvy, Jen Saxton, Laura Walker & Eilidh Watson, Muckhart.

Matches consist of 3 two ball foursomes in the morning (Saturday start times 11.00a.m. – 11.15a.m, Sunday & Monday 8.30a.m. – 8.45a.m.) followed by 6 Singles in the afternoon (Saturday start times 3.30p.m – 4.07p.m., Sunday & Monday 1.00p.m – 1.37p.m.).

Congratulations and good luck girls.

North of Scotland

We have extended the closing date for the North of Scotland until 18th June. There is still time to get your entry in. (Forms on link at RH of page.)  There are scratch and handicap prizes so any P&K member can enter and potentially do well on Dunblane, a P&K course.  P&K had a winner last year so come on ladies support this event.

Commonwealth Spoons

We had a bit of a stir at the Commonwealth Spoon qualifier at Dunning last week. Whilst the course was in excellent condition, unfortunately Dunning had also scheduled a men's competition immediately in front of us. In an attempt to squeeze everyone in, they tried to compress the time between starts to 10 mins instead of 15. This just made a bad situation worse but was entirely outwith our control. After our committee meeting this week we agreed that the Commonwealth Spoons qualifier in future will be held on an 18 hole course. We have written to Dunning regarding the complaints we received and they have admitted they were at fault and have offered their apologies.


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