Wednesday, July 27, 2016


Ladies Highland Open was won by P&K team member Eilidh Watson Muckhart. Eilidh also won the Breadalbane Quaich (21 & under) for best gross scores in qualifying Rd’s and equalled the course record of 67 held by fellow team mate Laura Campbell Pitlochry.

Well done to 16yr old Megan Thom Alyth who qualified for the scratch with gross 80 nett 62 but was knocked out by Laura Walker.  

Congratulations to all the P&K girls who took part and played so well. Full list of results below.

 Pitlochry Captain Jean Bates
presents the trophy to Eilidh

L to R  Ann Mailer Pitlochry  (bronze), Gillian Munro Pitlochry  (starters cup), Eilidh Watson  Muckhart (scratch), Mr NcMenimie (Green Park Hotel Our Sponsors) and Evelyn Hamilton  (Silver)

Scratch: 1st rd
                Eilidh Watson bt Frances McFadzean 7/6
                Laura Walker bt Megan Thom 7/6
                Claire Capocci bt Alison Whyte 5/4
                Kate Rorke bt Jane Gravil 5/4
                Louise Fraser bt Jenny Collins 7/5
                Kay Knight bt Aileen Baker 4/3
                Hannah Scott bt Kathleen Duncan @19th
                 Isla Moncrieff bt Deborah Pooley 6/4
2nd rd:
                Eilidh Watson bt  Laura Walker 3/2
                Claire Capocci bt Kate Rorke 3/2
                Louise Fraser bt  Kay Knight 9/7
                Hannah Scott bt Isla Moncrieff 3/2
                Eilidh Watson bt  Claire Capocci 5/3
                Hannah Scott bt Louise Fraser 1up
                Eilidh Watson bt Hannah Scott 6/5

 Silver: 1st rd
                Helen Stout bt Kathleen McConnell @ 18th
                Brenda Clough bt Terrill Parkin @18th
                Lynn McDonald bt Keri McGann 5/4
                Pam Stephenson bt Rosamund Gee 5/4
                Avril Neilson bt Margo Rees 3/2
                Debra McKay bt Jane Coles 3/2
                Evelyn Hamilton bt Audrey Searle 3/2
                Alison Walker bt Gillian Munro 3/2
2nd Rd
                Helen Stout bt Brenda Clough 5/3
                Pam Stephenson bt Lynn McDonald 4/3         
                Avril Neilson bt Debra McKay 3/2
                Evelyn Hamilton bt Alison Walker 3/2

                Helen Stout bt Pam Stephenson 1up  
                Evelyn Hamilton bt Avril Neilson  3/2
                Evelyn Hamilton bt Helen Stout 2/1

Bronze: 1st Rd
                Jacky Burnett bt Tracy Mitchell 2/1
                Louise Kelly bt Tracey Barr 2/1
                Audrey Smith bt Connie McGrail 4/2
                Ann Mailer bt  Rosemary Lindsay 2/1
                Catherine Simpson bt  Lauren Pirie 2/1
                Jean Bates bt Ann Shepherd 4/3
                Ruth Kinnell bt  Ann Southwood 2/1
                Marilyn Peden bt Cecilia McQueen @ 19th
2nd  Rd
                Jacky Burnett bt Louise Kelly 8/7
                Ann Mailer bt  Audrey Smith 4/2
                Catherine Simpson bt Jean Bates 3/2  
                Marilyn Peden bt Ruth Kinnell 1up

                Ann Mailer bt Jacky Burnett  5/3
                Marilyn Peden bt Catherine Simpson 1 up

                Ann Mailer bt Marilyn Peden 6/4

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