Wednesday, December 12, 2007


On behalf of all on the committee I would like to wish all our members a very Merry Christmas and a very healthy happy and successful 2008!

I have attached a 'virtual Christmas Card' which I hope you will all enjoy! Just click on the link below!


  • Hope you all have a wonderful time.

    Tuesday, December 11, 2007


    Following a meeting of Carol Lambie (Junior Convenor), Dawn Butchart (Captain), Lenore Kyle (Vice Captain), Shona Leighton (Match Secretary) and Pam Drysdale the following girls have been awarded the Gleneagles Scholarship:

    Caitlin Bartrop (Murrayshall)
    Erin Millar (Pitlochry)
    Eve Muirhead (Pitlochry)
    Annabel Niven (Creiff)

    All four girls will be afforded full membership to Gleneagles for a period of 1 year, coaching will be provided plus full use of the practice facilities. This is a fantastic opportunity for the girls and one which I hope they take full advantage of. Two of the above girls have also been named in the senior squad, they are Eve and Annabel.

    The Elite Squad has also been announced they are:

    Emily Aird (Strathmore)
    Megan Aird (Strathmore)
    Caitlin Bartrop (Murrayshall)
    Allie Burnett (Dunkeld)
    Laura Campbell (Pitlochry)
    Lauren Marchbank (Auchterarder)
    Patricia Mennie (Auchterarder)
    Erin Millar (Pitlochry)

    The above girls will recieve three half day coaching sessions at Gleneagles Golf Academy.

    The Intermediate Squad are as follows:

    Laura Aitken (Killin)
    Louise Campbell (Craigie Hill)
    Claire Gadsby (Muthill)
    Laura Ross (Auchterarder)
    Abbie Scrimgeour (Blairgowrie)
    Jennifer Smith (Kinross)

    These girls will receive 3 coaching dates at Noah's Ark Perth. All other girls will be contacted soon regarding their coaching arrangements.

    All girls have been notified and we look forward to seeing the girls in the early part of the new year.

    Friday, December 07, 2007


    Following a meeting of the County Selectors, Dawn Butchart (Captain), Lenore Kyle (Vice Captain), Liz Miskimmin (President) and Shona Leighton (Match Secretary) we are delighted to name the following players as squad members for winter training and practice matches. A team of 8 players will then be selected to represent P&K at the jamboree next year at Downfield.

    The squad members are:

    Carly Booth (Comrie) USA
    Alexandra Bushby (Strathmore)
    Gwen Lambie (Dunkeld)
    Jillian Milne (Craigie Hill)
    Carol Muir (Craigie Hill)
    Eve Muirhead (Pitlochry)
    Annabel Niven (Crieff)
    Roseanne Niven (Crieff) USA
    Emily Ogilvy (Auchterarder)
    Fiona Ramsay (Crieff)
    Sal Shepherd (Pitlochry)
    Jacqueline Sneddon (Alyth) USA
    Laura Wlaker (Muckhart)
    Gillian Wallace (Glenisla)
    Jane Yellowlees (Murrayshall)

    As you can see we have an excellent squad for next year with five players holding a handicap of 2 or less, including three players who have represented Scotland at international level and a total of 12 category 1 players.

    We are very pleased to welcome the following players back to the squad they are Carly Booth, Jillian Milne and Gillian Wallace. Carly had an excellent season last year and is in the LGU Elite squad for 2007/2008. Although Carly is in the states at present she is returning in May next year and we look forward to seeing her then. Jillian, a team player for some 13 years, took a year off following the birth of her daughter Esme and Gillian took time out to spend with her family, so a very warm welcome back to you all. We are also very pleased to welcome new Perth and Kinross member Laura Walker. Laura has recently moved to this area from Northern Counties where she has represented Northern for many years. Laura is a very experienced player who is a tremendous addition to the squad. Also it will be wonderful to have Emily join on the coaching and practice match days over the winter as she has now completed her 4 years in the States.

    Roseanne Niven a stalwart County Team player and Jacqueline Sneddon who represented P&K at last years Jamboree (where she made a very impressive debut) are both at University in the states but like Carly will join us early in the season next year. Therefore there is a squad of 12 who will take part in the coaching session at Gleneagles and of course the practice matches and we will keep you all informed of their progress and the match results.