Friday, April 22, 2016


The Championships will take place at Alyth Golf Club 5th May to 8th May.

Ladies please note that the daytime slots are full. The draw for the Championships is done strictly in Handicap order. Due to LATE entries and requests for travelling arrangements it has not been possible to satisfy all criteria. Any additional late requests can be met in the evening or if  someone should have to withdraw. So please let me know asap if you have to call off.

Draw for the Qualifying Round for Championship and Gibb Trophy and the 1st Round of the Crawford Salver on 5th May follows:

9.30     S Raitt, K Knight, A Houston
9.37     K Duncan, M Miller, L Sharp
9.45    J Lang, B Clough, M Mackie
9.52    C Henderson, M McPherson, L McGraw 
10.00  M Begbie, V Saville, G Pennycook
10.07  M Wilson, L Kyle, S Barber
10.15   C Irving, M Brydson, E Milligan
10.22   H Cunningham, G Pemberton, S Scott
10.30   L Scott, H Wynd,  M McGlashan
10.37   S Deans,  S Ogg, V Purdie
10.45      A Collins, S Durward,  A Thomson
10.52   E Campbell, K Finlay, J Nisbet
11.00   S Mitchell, L Findlay, H Payne
11.07   D Whytock, J Proudfoot, M Macrae
11.15   S Fenner, C Peebles, H Dalgleish
11.22   A Spiers, I Moncur, H Lang
11.30   C McNab, E Wynd, A McCrorie
11.37   L Whitwood, M Chapman, J McEwan
11.45   J Rae, M Abel, H Ewen
11.52   V Dolton, C Monks, B Kerr
12.00   J Pringle, M Spalding, S Macdougall
12.07   K McKay, P Kelly, A Hendry
12.15   S Jones, J Clowe,  A Crossland,
12.22      S Peters, M Carruthers,  P Hebner
12.30   H Potter, F Johnson, M Storrie
17.00   J Saxton, L Campbell,
17.07   N Robertson, J Milne,  I Moncrieff
17.15      K Will, D Butchart , M Ashley 
17.22      K Alexander, R Brass, A Stockley
17.30      G Lambie, M Thom,

17.37   C Lambie, S McNaughton


Ladies for those of you who have entered or are about to enter for the North of Scotland Championships, Dunblane Golf Club have approved a slot for practice rounds after 4pm on Sunday, 3rd July.

We have been allocated an hour and a half so get your entries in and book your slot.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016


The West of Scotland Girls are having their 60th birthday celebrations this year. They have organised a day at West Kilbride and wish to make sure as many West Girls are aware and come and join in the celebrations. 

It is open to all Past and Present Members and Committee Members, including any Girls who turned Professional.

Starting times between 10.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. followed by Buffet Lunch.

Entry forms available from website:
Closing date: 15th July 2016

Draw for partners will be made after the closing date

Times will be posted on web pages and

Entries/Enquiries to 
Mrs. June Kerr, 1 Drummilling Avenue,
West Kilbride, KA23 9BG Tel: 01294 823525

Thursday, April 14, 2016


Our first game of the season was played today at Kinross on the Bruce Course. We were very lucky since we all came in dry. Although some parts of the course were a bit damp we still got plenty of run and we all enjoyed the day.

Our thanks to everyone at Kinross who helped make the day successful - the greenstaff, the pro and especially the catering staff who stayed on to make sure we were all fed after the game.

It was great to see two of our Junior members playing today and congratulations to Megan Ashley who won 1st Scratch and Handicap.   Cut again Megan - well done.


CSS 75 R/O

1st      Megan Ashley            76
2nd    Caroline Henderson   83
3rd     Gwen Lambie            85

1st      Megan Ashley            76  (9)     67
2nd    Gillian Pemberton      89  (15)  74
2nd    Caroline Henderson   83   (8)   75

Golf Balls:
Sheena McNaughton, Linda Mailer, Angela Crossland

Tuesday, April 05, 2016


The  1st Round of the Nell Scott Quaich takes place at Kinross on 14th April 2016.  See draw below. No evening times.

Kinross 14th April 2016

9.28      Miggie Mackie Carol Lambie Muriel McPherson

9.36       Gwen Lambie Eliz Milligan Mary Miller

9.44       Anita Collins Alison Houston Helen Payne

9.52        Morag Brydson   Gillian Pemberton  Caroline Henderson

10.00      Isla Moncrieff Hilary Cunningham  Alison Walker

10.08       Sheena Scott Kay Knight Shona Deans

10.16      Fiona Johnston Sandra Barber Sheila Durward

10.24       Eileen Harrild Margaret McGlashan Linda Scott

10.32      Judy Proudfoot Gladys Pennycook       Cath Irving

10.40      Dot Whytock Ann Spiers Lesley Findlay

10.48 Linda Mailer Fran Gibson Olive O’Sullivan

10.56 Helen Wynd Margaret Macrae Moira Middleton

11.04 Miriam Wilson Megan Ashley Nan Morrison

11.12 Sheena McNaughton Eilidh Wynd Moira Chapman

11.20 Helen Potter Helen Lang Linda Christie

11.28 Val Dolton Catherine Peebles Angela Crossland

11.36 Ann McCrorie Margaret Fleming    Cathie McNab

11.44 Sandra Peters Jackie Nisbet    Lesley Whitwood

11.52 Michele Abel Margaret Watkins    Sue Jones

12.00 Marion Forbes Margaret Storry

12.08 Susan McDougall Cathie McKay Janice Stewart

12.16 Lynne Sharp Rhona McGeoghegan Pat Hebner

Monday, April 04, 2016


The  competition is being held at Strathmore Golf Club from 6th - 8th April.

3 of our County Girls are taking part in the Competition - Kirsty Brodie, Zoe Morton & Megan Ashley with Amy Mitchell currently 2nd on the waiting list - so fingers crossed that Amy also gets in.

(HOT OFF THE PRESS - Amy got a late call up this morning and is delighted to be in the line up!)

Good Luck to the girls.

Anyone wishing to go along to the event to watch and support the girls would be most welcome.


The match took place on Sunday 3rd April at Strathmore Golf Club.

The pairings & results on the day were:

Jill Milne & Laura Campbell - 1/2 Match
Isla Moncrieff & Kirsty Brodie - Won 3 & 2
Jen Saxton & Emily Ogilvy - Won 4 & 3
Gwen Lambie & Megan Ashley - Won 1 up

Good result for Perth & Kinross and well done to both teams for persevering in the rather miserable conditions.

Unfortunately Stirling & Clacks could not bring any Juniors along, due to them having a Junior Competition.However 3 of our Juniors (Megan Thom, Amy Mitchell & Katy Alexander) braved the elements and played 9 holes. Great to see the Juniors getting involved and also well done to Megan Ashley who stepped up into the Senior Team on the day.