Monday, February 11, 2008


Yesterday was the first of three Elite Girls training sessions at Gleneagles. Coaches John, Andrew and Brian had the eight girls working hard on their long game.

The photo's show the afternoon girls who consisted of Megan Aird, Emily Aird, Tricia Mennie and Lauren Marchbank. I appologise to the morning girls, Erin Millar, Allie Burnett, Laura Campbell and Caitlin Bartrop as I forgot to take my camera out! But dont worry we will catch you all next time!

All the girls enjoyed the session and we look forward to seeing them on the 9th of March for the next coaching session and also the Senior squad and Girls squad day at Strathmore on the 30th of March.

Friday, February 08, 2008


It has been brought to my attention that there has been a slight technical error with the date for the Dunkeld Fixture which is in the book as Monday 5th June, when it fact it should read Thursday 5th of June. Sorry about that!!

I have also been asked how the dates for the North of Scotland are chosen. As most of you will be aware the North of Scotland is historically played the week following the Jamboree. The Jamboree takes place on the last Saturday, Sunday and Monday of June therefore the North of Scotland is played the following week which normally is the first monday in July. Unfortunately due to the way the dates land this year it makes North of Scotland slightly later! To explain this futher I have lisited the last few years dates as an example.

Jamboree : 22nd - 24th June
N of S : 1st - 3rd July

Jamboree : 28th - 30th June
N of S : 7th - 9th July

Jamboree : 26th - 28th June
N of S : 5th - 7th July

Jamboree : 25th - 27th June
N of S : 4th - 6th July

Jamboree : 24th - 26th June
N of S : 3rd - 5th July

Jamboree : 23rd - 25th June
N of S : 2nd - 4th July

Jamboree : 28th - 30th June
N of S : 7th - 9th July

I hope this explains the dates fully and if you ever want to check when these events will take place just work on this same formula! Leap years of course makes a difference to the dates too. As you can see we have come full cycle from 2003!
I hope that all makes sense!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Your 2008 subscription packs, which include your Fixture Card, Subscription Form, Newsletter and P&K Jumper and Polo shirts order Form were all packed into envelopes last night by the committee and will be posted to you today at the latest. So watch and for the Postie over the next few days! If you dont receive your envelope in the next week then please contact our secretary Alexandra or myself and we will resend one to you!

Also included in your envelope will be an entry form for the North of Scotland. Each year the North of Scotland counties take turn to host this event and this year it is Perth and Kinross's priviledge to host this prestigious event. It is open to all County members of P&K, Angus, Aberdeen and Northern Counties of all golfing ablities. There are qualifying sections for both scratch and handicap. It will be held at Strathmore Golf Club on July 7th 8th and 9th and everyone will be guaranteed at least two rounds of golf. Monday will be the qualifying round and Tuesday will be the beginning of the matchplay stages for those who quailfy plus the consolation round for non qualifiers. To make this event a success we need you to enter! So please please get your entry forms in as soon as possible to enable me to have a good nights sleep!!

Thank you