Scratch League 2021

The organisers of this year's P&K Ladies’ Scratch League have issued an invite to all P&K golf clubs. Please read below.

"Perth & Kinross Ladies’ Scratch League 2021"

"One by one, the clubs who have played in our P&K scratch league have found it more and more difficult to field teams of five players. As a result, there are so few teams now that we feel it's time to change if we are to keep it going."

"We know there are lots of ladies across the county who love the friendly rivalry and format of the scratch league, but are struggling to get enough players in their club to make-up a full team."

"So, for this season at least, we have decided to reduce the number of players in a team from five to three."

"The ties will continue to be played in the same format, with the option of playing on Sunday afternoons as well as Monday evenings. Other details, such catering, if any this year, will be agreed by the participating clubs in due course."

"An email has gone out to the clubs who have played in Scratch League. But, there may be other clubs in Perth & Kinross who would like to take part for the first time. If so, we would love to hear from you."

"So far, Muckhart, Pitlochry, Crieff and (probably) Blairgowrie have agreed to play in 2021."

"There is still time for clubs to join in, so if you are interested please contact Kay Knight by Monday 12 April at:

"We look forward to hearing from you."

"Kay Knight (Pitlochry) & Rosemary Turlik (Muckhart)"

Scratch League 2020
Cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Scratch League 2019


1st  Pitlochry      4 points  Games won 9
2nd Strathmore   4 points  Games won 8
3rd  Muckhart     2 points  Games won 7
4th  Blairgowrie  2 points  Games won 6 

Monday 29th July 
Pitlochry v Blairgowie Result 0 - 5 
Monday 20th May  
Pitlochry v Strathmore 6.00pm Result 5-0
Monday TBA  
Muckhart v Blairgowrie Result 4 - 1
Monday 10th June
Pitlochry v Muckhart Result  4-1
Monday 26th August
Strathmore v Muckhart Result 3 - 2
Monday 24h July 
Blairgowrie v Strathmore Result  0 - 5


Monday 14th May  
Blairgowie v Pitlochry  Result 1 - 4
Monday 21st May
Strathmore v Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 4-1
Monday 28th May  
Blairgowrie v Muckhart  Result  2 - 3
Monday 11th June
Muckhart v Pitlochry Result  5 - 0
Monday 23rd July
Strathmore v Blairgowrie Result  4 - 1
Monday 30th July
Muckhart v Strathmore Result  3.5 - 1.5 

Winners of the 2017 Scratch League are Pitlochry.

Pitlochry          7    13.5 games won
Muckhart         6     13   games won
Blairgowrie      5     13  games won
Strathmore       2     7.5 games won  
Alyth                0      3   games won

Monday 12th June 
Blairgowie v Alyth  Result 5 - 0
Monday 22nd May
Muckhart v Blairgowrie 6.00pm Result 4 - 1
Monday 29th May  
Blairgowrie v Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 2.5 - 2.5
Monday 3rd July
Strathmore v Alyth 5.30pm Result 5 - 0
Monday 24th July
Blairgowrie V Strathmore 5.30pm Result  4.5 - 0.5
Pitlochry v Muckhart 6.00pm Result 3 - 2
Monday 31st July
Alyth v Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 1 - 4
Monday 7th August  
Alyth v Muckhart Result 2 - 3
Monday 14th August 
Muckhart v Strathmore 5.30pm Result  4 - 1
Monday 21st August
Pitlochry v Strathmore 6.00pm Result 4 - 1

Winners of the Scratch League Muckhart Golf Club


1st Muckhart        8points 17.5 games won
2nd Pitlochry       8 points 14 games won
3rd Craigie Hill    6 points 14 games won
4th Strathmore     4 points  12 games won
5th Blairgowrie   3 points  12 games won
6th Alyth             1 point    5.5 games won  

Monday 29th April
Alyth V Craigie Hill  5.30pm  Result 2 - 3
Monday 16th May
Alyth V Blairgowrie   5.30pm Result 2.5 - 2.5
Monday 23rd May 
Blairgowrie V Muckhart 6.00pm Result 2 - 3 
Monday 30th May  
Pitlochry V Blairgowrie  6.00pm Result 3 - 2
Monday 6th June 
Muckhart V Pitlochry 6.00pm Result -  5 - 0
Monday 20th June
Strathmore V Pitlochry 6.00pm Result - 2 -3
Monday 11th July
Pitlochry V Craigie Hill 6.00pm Result 3 - 2
Monday 11th July
Muckhart V Alyth   Result 5 - 0 W/O
Monday 4th July 
Blairgowrie V Craigie Hill 6.00pm Result 3.5 - 1.5
Friday 8th July 
Craigie Hill V Muckhart  6.00pm Result  3.5 - 1.5
Monday 18th July
Alyth V Strathmore 5.30pm Result 1 - 4
Monday 25th July
Strathmore V Blairgowrie 5.30pm Result 3 - 2
 Monday 1st August  
Craigie Hill V Strathmore 6.00pm Result 4 - 1
Alyth V Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 0 - 5 W/O
Monday 15th August 
Strathmore V Muckhart 6.00pm Result  2 - 3


Monday 29th April
Craigie Hill V Alyth  5.30pm  Result 5 - 0
Monday 11th May 
Pitlochry V Crieff  6.00pm Result - 4.5 - 0.5
Monday 18th May
Blairgowrie V Alyth  5.30pm Result 3.5  - 1.5
Strathmore V Crieff 5.30pm  Result 3 - 2
Monday 25th May 
Muckhart V Blairgowrie 6.00pm Result 4 - 1
Monday 1st June 
Blairgowrie  V Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 4.5 - 0.5
Monday 8th June 
Crieff V Muckhart Result 1 - 4
Monday 15th June 
Pitlochry V Strathmore 6.00pm Result - 4-1
Wednesday 1st July
Craigie Hill V Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 1.5 - 3.5
Alyth V Muckhart  Result 2 - 3
Monday 6th July 
Craigie Hill V Blairgowrie 6.00pm Result 2-3
Friday 10th July 
Muckhart V Craigie Hill  6.00pm
Monday 13th July
Crieff V Blairgowrie 6.00pm Result 1 - 4
Monday 20th July 
Strathmore V Alyth 5.30pm Result 3.5 - 1.5
Crieff V Craigie Hill 6.00pm
Monday 27th July
Alyth v Craigie Hill Result 0 - 5  
Blairgowrie V Strathmore 5.30pm Result 4.5 - 0.5
Thursday 6th August  
Strathmore V Craigie Hill 6.30pm Result 4 - 1
Monday 10th August 
Alyth V Crieff  Result 5 - 0 (W/O)
Pitlochry V Muckhart 6.00pm 
Monday 17th August
Alyth V Pitlochry 6.00pm Result 1.5 - 3.5
Thursday 20th August 
Muckhart V Strathmore 6.00pm 


Monday 28th April
Alyth v Craigie Hill 5.30pm  RESULT 2-3
Monday 12th May 
Crieff v Pitlochry  6.00pm RESULT 5 -0
Monday 19th May
Alyth v Blairgowrie 5.30pm RESULT 0-5
Crieff v Strathmore 5.30pm  RESULT 2 -3
Monday 26th May 
Blairgowrie v Muckhart 6.00pm RESULT 1-4
Monday 2nd June 
Pitlochry v Blairgowrie 6.00pm RESULT 1-4
Craigie Hill v Muckhart 5.30pm RESULT 3-2
Friday 6th June 
Muckhart v Crieff 6.00pm RESULT 4.5-0.5
Monday 9th June 
Strathmore v Pitlochry 6.00pm RESULT 3-2
Wednesday 2nd July
Muckhart v Alyth 6.00pm  RESULTS 4.5 - 0.5
Monday 7th July 
Blairgowrie v Craigie Hill 6.00pm RESULT 4 - 1
Monday 14th July 
Blairgowrie v Crieff 6.00pm RESULT 4 - 1
Wednesday 16th July 
Muckhart v Pitlochry 6.00pm
Monday 21st July 
Alyth v Strathmore 5.30pm RESULT 1.5 - 3.5
Monday 28th July 
Strathmore v Blairgowrie 5.30pm RESULT 2 - 3
Thursday 31st July 
Craigie Hill v Strathmore 6.00pm RESULT 5 - 0
Pitlochry v Alyth 6.00pm RESULT W/O 5 - 0
Monday 11th August 
Crieff v Alyth 5.30pm RESULT W/O 5 - 0
Pitlochry v Craigie Hill 6.00pm
Monday 18th August
Strathmore v Muckhart 6.00pm RESULT 3 - 2
Friday 22nd August 
Craigie Hill v Crieff 6.00pm


FINAL RESULTS            { Win - 2pts: Draw -  1pt} 
1st Muckhart 12 25
2nd Craigiehill 10 24
3rd Blairgowrie 8 21.5
4th Pitlochry 8 15.5
5th Strathmore 6 19.5
6th Alyth 6 15
7th Crieff 4 13.5
8th Auchterarder 2 6


Mon 29th April
Craigie Hill vs Alyth  at Craigie Hill  5.30pm  RESULT 4 - 1
Muckhart v Auchterarder at Muckhart 5.30pm RESULT 5 - 0 
Sunday 5th May
Pitlochry v Crieff  at Pitlochry 4.30pm RESULT 3 - 2
Mon 13th May
Auchterarder v Blairgowrie at Auchterarder 6.00pm  RESULT 0 - 5
Mon 20th May
Craigie Hill v Pitlochry v  at Craigie Hill  6.00pm RESULT 5 - 0
Strathmore v Crieff   at Strathmore  5.30pm RESULT 4 -1
Blairgowrie v Alyth at Blairgowrie 5.30pm RESULT 2.5 - 2.5
Mon 27th May
Muckhart v Blairgowrie  at Muckhart 6.00pm RESULT 4.5 - 0.5
Mon 3rd Jun
Blairgowrie v Pitlochry at Blairgowrie 6.00pm RESULT 4.5 - 0.5
Crieff v Muckhart  at Crieff  6.00pm RESULT 2 - 3
Mon 10th Jun 
Strathmore v Pitlochry  at Strathmore 6.00pm RESULT 2 -3 
Mon 17th Jun
Alyth v Auchterarder at Alyth 5.30pm RESULT 4.5 - 0.5
Mon 24th Jun
Strathmore v Craigie Hill v  at Strathmore  6.00pm RESULT 2 - 3
Pitlochry v Auchterarder  at Pitlochry 6.00pm RESULT 5 - 0 
Thurs 4th July 
Alyth v Muckhart   at Alyth 6.00pm RESULT 0.5 - 4.5
Monday 8th July
Craigie Hill v Blairgowrie  at Craigie Hill  6.00pm  RESULT 3 - 2
Auchterarder v Crieff  at Auchterarder 6.00pm RESULT 4.5 - 0.5
Monday 15th July 
Crieff v Blairgowrie  at Crieff  6.00pm RESULT 2.5 - 2.5
Auchterarder v Strathmore at Auchterarder 6.00pm RESULT 1 - 4
Thurs 18th July 
Pitlochry v Muckhart  at Pitlochry 6.00pm RESULT 3 - 2
Mon 22nd July 
Strathmore v Alyth  at Strathmore 5.30pm RESULT 5 - 0
Friday 26th July 
Crieff v Craigie Hill  at Crieff 6.00pm RESULT 3 - 2
Monday 29th July
Blairgowrie v Strathmore  at Blairgowrie 5.30pm RESULT 4.5 - 0.5
Thurs 1st Aug
Alyth v Pitlochry at Alyth 6.00pm RESULT 4 - 1
Mon 5th Aug
Craigie Hill v Auchterarder v   at Craigie Hill 6.00pm RESULT 5 - 0
Mon 12th Aug
Craigie Hill v Muckhart  at Craigie Hill  5.30pm RESULT 2 - 3
Alyth v Crieff   at Alyth  5.30pm RESULT 2.5 - 2.5
Thurs 22nd Aug
Muckhart v Strathmore at Muckhart 6.00pm RESULT 3 - 2

The winner of the 2012 Scratch League, Craigie Hill Golf Club

Mon 30th April
Alyth v Craigie Hill at Alyth 5.30pm   RESULT 3-2
Auchterarder v Muckart at Auchterarder 5.30pm  RESULT 3-2
Sunday 6th May
Crieff v Pitlochry at Crieff 4.30pm  RESULT 3-2  
Mon 14th May
Strathmore v Muckhart at Strathmore 5.30pm  RESULT 2-3
Blairgowrie v Auchterarder at Blairgowrie 6.00pm RESULT 5-0
Mon 21st May
Pitlochry v Craigie Hill at Pitlochry 6.00pm RESULT 1-4
Crieff v Strathmore at Crieff 5.30pm RESULT 2-3
Alyth v Blairgowrie at Alyth 5.30pm RESULT 4.5-0.5
Mon 28th May
Blairgowrie v Muckhart at Blairgowrie 6.00pm RESULT 1-4
Craigie Hill v Strathmore at Craigie Hill 6.00pm RESULT 5-0
Wed 6th Jun
Pitlochry v Blairgowrie at Pitlochry 6.00pm RESULT 0 - 5
Friday 8th Jun
Muckhart v Crieff at Muckhart 6.00pm  RESULT 4-1
Mon 11th Jun
Pitlochry v Strathmore at Pitlochry 6.00pm RESULT 4-1
Mon 18th
Auchterarder v Alyth at Auchterarder 5.30pm RESULT 2-3
Mon 25th
Auchterarder v Pitlochry at Auchterarder 6.00pm  RESULT 3-2

Thurs 5th July
Muckhart v Alyth at Muckhart 6.00pm RESULT 2-3

Monday 9th July
Blairgowrie v Craigie Hill at Blairgowrie 6.00pm RESULT 2-3
Crieff v Auchterarder at Crieff 6.00pm  RESULT 2-3
Monday 16th July 
Blairgowrie v Crieff at Blairgowrie 6.00pm RESULT 5 -0

Strathmore v Auchterarder at Strathmore 6.00pm RESULT 5-0
Thurs 19th July
Muckhart v Pitlochry at Muckhart 6.00pm RESULT 3-0
Mon 23th July
Alyth v Strathmore at Alyth 5.30pm RESULT 4 - 1

Friday 27th July
Craigie Hill v Crieff at Craigie Hill 6.00pm RESULT 3.5 - 1.5

Sunday 29th July
Pitlochry v Alyth at Pitlochry 4.30pm RESULT 4 - 1
Monday 30th July
Strathmore v Blairgowrie at Strathmore 5.30pm RESULT  1.5 - 3.5
Fri 3rd Aug

Craigie Hill v Auchterarder at Craigie Hill 6.00pm RESULT 5 - 0
Mon 13th Aug
Muckhart v Craigie Hill at Muckhart 5.15pm RESULT 4 - 1
Crieff v Alyth at Crieff  5.30pm RESULT 3 - 2

Scratch League AGM:
Pitlochry Golf Club Wed 26th Sept 7pm