Friday, March 28, 2008


At last at last at last!! The season is now upon us! I am really looking forward to our very first County Meeting which is to be held at Callander Golf Club on Monday 7th April.
Carol Lambie is our convener and she has kindly forwarded the draw. It is as follows:

09.30: P Drysdale, A Tannock G Lambie
09.37: C Choudhary, E Martin, R Brass
09.45: M Hope, J Griffiths, L Kyle
09.52: M McPherson, K Jarvie, J Muir
10.00: A Spence, A Burnett, D Doris
10.07: K McKellar, M Hunter, E Milligan
10.15: H Dawson, H Gibson, S Durward
10.22: S Bushby, L Fertacz, J Heaney
10.30: D Butchart, M Middleton, Maya Robertson
10.37: F Johnston, H Straw, D Whytock
10.45: L Crighton, J Proudfoot, M Chapman
10.52: J Gemmell, P Hebnet E Harrild
11.00: A McGregor, S Fenner, C Peebles
11.07: J Miller, S McNaughton, C McNab
11.15: M Ewing, G Paterson, J Clowe
11.22: M Macrae, M Macleod, M Robertson-Lang
11.30: P Kelly, L Campbell, A Beeson
11.37: H Lang, R McGeoghegan, E Callander
11.45: S Jones, A Crossland, E Watson
11.52: M Forbes, C Webb, K McKay
12.00: P Colquhoun, M Storrey, C Lambie

Look forward to seeing you all on the day. If you have any queries regarding the draw contact Carol.

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