Friday, April 14, 2006


Members of the County Senior Squad and committee members will be getting together with P&K junior girls for a game of golf and get together tomorrow at Strathmore Golf Centre.

The girls will be paired with a senior squad member or committee member and the format of the day will be Greensomes. We hope this will encourage the girls and enable the squad members to meet the new talent coming through.

The girls playing are:

Megan Aird (Strathmore), Fiona Allan (Auchterarder), Caitlin Bartrop (Whitemoss), Ailie Burnett (Dunkeld), Laura Campbell (Pitlochry), Lucy Gilmour (Strathmore), Eve Muirhead (Pitlochry) Annabel Niven (Crieff) and Jacqueline Sneddon (Alyth).
Senior Squad members taking part will be Alexandra Bushby (Strathmore), Dawn Butchart (Strathmore), Emma Napper (Craigiehill), Jillian Milne (Craigiehill), Sal Shepherd (Blairgowrie)and Jane Yellowlees (Murrayshall). President Liz Miskimmin and Captain Janet Griffiths plus both Junior conveners Carol Lambie and Lenore Kyle will also attend the day.

Tee times are from 10.45 but we hope to meet up with the girls around 10.30.

We are all looking forward to a great day and fingers are well and truly crossed for a rain free day!
Our thanks go to Strathmore for providing courtesy to the County.

See you all there.

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