Thursday, April 13, 2006


Due to extreme weather conditions, the above fixture was abandoned and has been rescheduled for Thursday 25th May 2006. There will be a morning and evening draw.

For those who were not able to play but paid to enter the original fixture and those who played just the first nine holes - you will be eligible to play in the rearranged fixture without having to pay again. Anyone who ventured out and managed to complete 18 holes and would like to play again on 25th - you will need to pay another entry fee (£10.00).

If you did not confirm on the day that you would like to play on the rescheduled date please re-enter by sending a completed entry form to Lenore Kyle. Anyone who has any queries please do not hesitate to contact me on 01764 670567 or Lenore on 01337 827594.

Janet Griffiths, Captain P & K L C G A.

Despite the inclement weather we were able to hold a ball raffle - the winners of a sleeve of ProV1 golf balls were Catherine Peebles, Jackie Nisbet and Sally Crystal.

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