Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Championships Match Play

Congratulations to everyone who has qualified to play on Saturday in the match play. I am really looking forward to watching some excellent golf at Blairgowrie.
I hope there will be lots of our members who come along to spectate and encourage the competitors.
Please remember, if you are playing or spectating, Blairgowrie has a strict dress code so whether on the course or in the clubhouse please dress appropriately.
The dress code is 'Smart Casual' as follows:
In the lounge and dining room waterproofs, golf shoes and trainers are not permitted. To assist in the interpretation of this byelaw the following are unacceptable: - Round neck T-shirts, vests, football and rugby shirts and shorts, blue jeans, track and shell suits. This list is illustrative and not exhaustive. Hats must not be worn in the clubhouse. Use of mobile phones is prohibited in the clubhouse.
Good luck to all the players, keep your fingers crossed for good weather and a wee bit more heat!
See you all there.

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