Sunday, May 02, 2010

Championship Qualifying - Blairgowrie - Lansdowne
Monday 10th May 2010

9.24 - E Muirhead, F Ramsay, J Milne.
9.33 - J Yellowlees, G Wallace, S Bushby.
9.42 - A Houston, F Farquharson, M Begbie.
9.51 - G Pennycook, H Gibson, F Johnston.
10.00- L Fertacz, V Saville, C Irving.
10.09- M Middleton, M McGlashan, B Lyburn.
10.18- P Drysdale, A Priestly, A McGregor.
10.27- K McKellar, C Turner, E Martin.
10.36- S Service, C Choudhary, M Hunter.
10.45- P Colquhoun, Sheila MacDougall, F Guild.
10.54- E Milligan, J Muirhead, A Grewar.
11.03- S Mitchell, J Proudfoot, J Hamilton.
11.12- M Chapman, H Dalgleish, H Dawson.
11.21- J Montgomery, H Straw, M Watson.
11.30- D Wallace, C Peebles, D Whytock.
11.39- K McAlpine, M Aitken, E Benzies.
11.48- J Kennedy, M Mackie, S Durward.
11.57- E Harrild, Susan MacDougall, A Spence.
12.06- Starters Time
12.15- M MacRae, L Sharp.
12.24- M Brydson, M Wilson.
12.33- E Campbell, S Fenner, A Walker.
12.42- C Webb, G Paterson, M MacLeod.
12.51- I Moncur, R McGeoghegan, M Carruthers.
13.00- D Barbour, A Crossland, H Lang.
13.09- H Payne, S Ogg, A Beeson.
13.18- S McNaughton, J Nisbet, C Monks.
13.27- J Wivell, K McKay, S Jones.
13.36- M Robertson-Lang, M Forbes, K Finlay.
13.45- C Ballantyne, D Wildblood, J Groom.
13.54- E Rankin,M Lesley.
14.03- D Pollett, M Chalmers.
16.18- C Lambie, Jennifer Sneddon.
16.27- Jacqueline Sneddon, A Niven.
16.36- D Butchart, M Aird, J Griffiths.
16.45- N Flemming, E Aird, H Robb.
17.03- L Mailer, L Pattinson.
17.12- C Dunbar, E Davidson.
17.21- A Speirs, M McKay, A Duncan.
17.30- S Leighton, J White.
17.39- G Lambie, C Muir, E Watson.
17.48- A Stockley, S Berry, J Simpson.
17.57- A Bushby, E Ogilvy, L Walker.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on 10th May, please rmember ther will be a RAFFLE and all contributions will be greatly appreciated!

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