Friday, April 29, 2005


The County Championship qualifier takes place on Monday 9th at Glenisla Golf Centre. As I have said previously there will be a raffle in aid of funding the Jambouree. Prizes include rounds of 4 on various golf courses in Perthshire. If you could possibly donate a prize, no matter how small, it would be gratefully received. Also the raffles tickets will be on sale all day so please take part!!

Here is the draw

09.30 R. Niven, D Butchart, G Wallace
09.37 J Milne, S Shepherd, F Ramsay
09.45 J Yellowlees, J Griffiths, M Hope
09 52 J Ritchie, E Miskimmin, K Duncan
10.00 M Marshall, A Stockley,
10.07 J French, S Erskine, C Irving
10.15 M Middleton, D Farquhar, P Colquhoun
10.22 M McGlashan, A Niven, L Kyle
10.37 L Mailer, J Heaney, D Benzies
10.45 C Turner, J Hamilton, H Bunch
10.52 J Kennedy, K Jarvie, L Murray
11.00 E Marshall, A Sidey, M Reid
11.07 H Gibson, H Welsh, P Wanless
11.15 C Robertson, S Dunphy, M Mc Naughton
11.22 C Winton, I Murdoch,
11.30 D Doris, M Watson, M Robertson
11.37 E Benzies, L Findlay, A Grewar
11.52 J Clowe, M Whittet, E Milligan
12.00 A Spence, N Bremner, N Hay
12.07 J Nisbet, P Kelly, S Peacock
12.15 C Peebles, M Macrae, B N eilson
12.22 M Spalding, L Fall, K McKay
12.30 I Shepherd, M Carruthers, B Bucket
12.45 S Ogg, M Macleod, F Wildsmith
12.52 M Chalmers, C Monks, A Crossland
13.00 P Hebner, J Thom, S McNaughton
13.07 M Storry, I Murray, E Watson


16.15 Avril Ker, N Harding, N Fleming
16.22 G Pennycook, A Ker, J Taylor
16.30 E Napper, Jacq Sneddon, B Clough
16.37 Jen Sneddon, J Chisholm, M Chapman
16.45 S Chisholm, M McKay, S Crystal
17.00 L Fertacz, D Whytock, L Scott
17.07 S Johnstone, C Lambie, F Johnstone
17.22 J Stevenson, M Bruce, G Lambie
17.30 S Leighton, C Booth, C Dunbar

Look forward to seeing you on the day, hopefully the sun will shine!


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  2. what's up Dawn done any golfing lately ?

    i'm gonna whoop your butt if u haven't been practicing your golf exercise

    like i always say, Dawn , a golfers golf exercise is one of the most important parts of the golf game!! ;-)