Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Dunblane Draw

A fantastic response from all our members for our very first County Meeting for 2005. With 96 players taking part, Dunblane looks set to be a very enjoyable day.
The draw is as follows:

9.30 J Yellowlees, J Griffiths, S Shepherd
9.38 E Donaldson, A Stockley, L Kyle
9.45 R Brass, H Bunch, A Henry
9.53 D Butchart, S Kettlewell, L Miskimmin
10.00 M Marshall, P Colquhoun, S Young
10.08 M Middleton, J Heaney, J Taylor
10.15 F Johnston, H Dalgleish, C Souter
10.23 L Fertacz, S Mitchell, A MIller
10.30 S MacDougall, N Bennett, L Westwood
10.38 M McPherson, C Lambie, E Marshall
10.45 M McNaughton, M Watson, J Muirhead
10.53 L Murray, H Gibson, K Jarvie
11.00 R Duncan, A Duncan, S Dunphy
11.08 H Welsh, L Findlay, S Crystal
11.15 M Macrae, C Irving, H Straw
11.23 J Clowe, J Nisbet, N Bremner
11.30 M Whittet, K McKay, S Ogg
11.38 A Hood, J Junor, J Stevenson
11.45 E Benzies, M Chapman, B Neilson
11.53 A Duff, M McKay, F Anderson
12.00 M Robertson, J Pringle, A Watson
12.08 C Robertson, S Peacock, J Lansburgh
12.15 A Spence, M Carruthers, J Groom
12.23 J Hewitt, G Paterson, S Ireland
12.30 S Marshall, J C McNaughton, E Watson
12.38 W Stewart, C Choudhary, M Storry
12.45 M Halkerston, S Mellor, L O’Donnell
12.53 R Hoad, S Jones, P Hebner
13.00 S Bowers, J Laburn, J Thom
13.08 C Peebles, M McLay, G Ness
13.15 S Durward, A Crossland, A Sinclair
13.23 A Wilson, M Smith, A Young

Lets hope the weather is kind!

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