Monday, April 11, 2005

practice Matches at Gleneagles and Crieff

Our County Squad played two practice Matches on what was a very blustery weekend. The first match was against Stirling University over the Queens Course, Gleneagles on Saturday. Unfortunately Stirling could not provide a full team and only 4 players were available. However the players who did take part were extremely strong and although our players played some exciting golf we lost 2-0. The pairings for the day was as follows:
Avril Ker and Dawn Butchart
Jillian Milne and Carly Booth
Our thanks go to Glenealges for providing courtesy.
Sunday was a more successful day when the squad played a practice match against the Crieff men's Scratch League Team. Unfortunately Roseanne Niven was ill and could not make the day. Pat Colquhoun, kindly came along to complete the 10 strong squad. Jane Yellowlees is also unable to play at present due to a back injury. The wind was even stronger than before however the girls played some super golf and the score line was 3 1/2 - 1 1/2. The pairings for the day were as follows:

Fiona Ramsay & Sally Kettlewell
Avril Ker & Sal Shepherd
Dawn Butchart & Jillian Milne
Carly Booth & Gillian Wallace
Pat Colquhoun & Alison Stockley.

The first 3 pairing all won their matches and with a half for the Carly and Gillian this completed the overall win. Well done all.

Our thanks must go to the gents at Crieff for a very enjoyable day and a lovely supper which they kindly provided following the days play. Also thanks to Crieff Golf Club who provided Courtesy.

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